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Dyslexia Assessment & Consultancy
41 Cardigan Street, Kennington
London, SE11 5PF
United Kingdom

Tel: 020 7582 6117
Fax: 020 7587 0546

About us

Dyslexia Assessment and Consultancy is an expanding consultancy based in Central London close to Waterloo Station.

The Centre comprises a complex of stylish offices and consulting rooms located in a pleasant and peaceful garden.

We also provide services throughout the UK.

The Director of DAC and Associates is

Katherine Kindersley
BA Hons (English), PGCE Oxon, Dip SpLD Dyslexia UCL, AMBDA, FRSA

We are a team of psychologists and dyslexia tutors who have many years experience in:

  • working with dyslexic/dyspraxic adults both in employment and in higher education
  • carrying out diagnostic and workplace needs assessments
  • training and counselling dyslexic/dyspraxic employees
  • training and supervising professionals in allied fields to carry out workplace assessments
  • providing a dyslexia consultancy service to employers
  • acting as expert witnesses in employment tribunals

Our clients include:

  • Access to Work
  • Banks & Building Societies, including Nationwide and City Bank
  • Broadcasting Corporations
  • The Cabinet Office and other government ministries
  • Charitable Organisations
  • City Museums
  • Housing Associations
  • NHS Trusts and Healthcare Organisations
  • Law firms
  • Local Authorities
  • Financial Institutions including Financial Services Authority, Price Waterhouse Coopers & Ernst & Young
  • Public Utility Companies
  • Armed Forces and Police
  • The Fire & Rescue Services
  • Commercial organisations, large and small
  • Universities, Colleges and Schools including London University, The London School of Economics, The Royal College of Art, the Royal College of Music, The Royal Veterinary College etc
  • Individuals both employed and self employed

We have assessed people in a wide variety of jobs:

  • Managers, administrative officers, personal assistants, civil servants
  • Plumbers, car mechanics, electricians, carpenters, porters, security guards
  • Journalists, writers, painters, musicians, actors, potters
  • Doctors, nurses, social workers, lawyers, accountants, teachers, lecturers
  • Engineers, physicists, ornithologists, chemists, mathematicians, hydrologists
  • and many more.