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Dyslexia Assessment & Consultancy
41 Cardigan Street, Kennington
London, SE11 5PF
United Kingdom

Tel: 020 7582 6117
Fax: 020 7587 0546

Assessment for students

We offer full diagnostic assessments for students in secondary education, at college or at university.

This assessment provides detailed information about the individual’s learning profile. It looks at general cognitive abilities (e.g. memory, perception, and various types of processing) as well as literacy skills and it will identify whether there is evidence of dyslexic difficulties, or other types of specific learning difficulty. Strengths, too, are identified. A detailed report, with recommendations, is provided. We ask for a background questionnaire to be completed in advance of the assessment.

For a student in Higher Education, or about to enter Higher Education, our reports can be used to apply for the DSA (Disabled Student’s Allowance). All our assessors have current practising certificates through their professional bodies and are licensed to carry out such assessments.

The Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) provides additional financial help f or students in Higher Education who have dyslexia or related specific learning difficulties. It can provide the funding for individual specialist study skills tuition as well as the purchase of specialist software and equipment. See ‘Study Skills Tuition for Students’.

Further details about the DSA are available on the ‘directgov’ website. A booklet called ‘Bridging the Gap’, a guide to the Disabled Students’ Allowance, can be downloaded from the website.

Training for Assessors

We run regular training days for specialist teachers and psychologists wishing to follow the current Government guidelines on assessment. They offer an opportunity to explore key aspects of adult assessment and to update knowledge of tests and assessment tools.

See ‘Training Days’ and email: for booking information.

Mentoring for Assessors

We offer dyslexia assessors/tutors individual or group mentoring/supervision for conducting dyslexia assessments and carrying out skills training programmes. See ‘Mentoring’ and email for details.