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Dyslexia Assessing and Reporting.  The Patoss Guide
Anwen Jones and Katherine Kindersley.  Hodder Education.

This completely revised edition of Dyslexia: Assessing & Reporting provides an authoritative and up-to-date guide to best practice in diagnostic assessment.  This handbook is a valuable reference for specialist assessors, as well as the wider range of professionals engaged in supporting students across the age range – including SENCOs, specialist teachers, course tutors, learning support managers, dyslexia/SpLD co-ordinators and disability officers.  It informs all those who wish to keep abreast of current best practice.

Today there is an increasing awareness of the need to support individuals with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties.  Diagnostic assessment provides the vital bridge to recognising and understanding specific learning difficulties and planning effective teaching and support solutions, for children and adults.

“This is an excellent book!….”    Professor Maggie Snowling, St John’s College, Oxford


Dyslexia and Employment: a Practical Guide for Assessors, Trainers and Managers.

Edited by Sylvia Moody. Wiley-Blackwell.

This jargon-free guide to good practice in dyslexia workplace consultancy, and related legal issues, provides comprehensive coverage in four clearly distinguished areas:

  • Professional dilemma chapters discuss tricky issues which have arisen in practice.
  • General perspective chapters take the viewpoint of professionals such as HR managers or trade-union representatives.
  • How to do it right chapters offer advice on how to carry out diagnostic, workplace needs and legal assessments, and how to devise training programmes.
  • Information Point chapters provide brief information on general topics such as dyslexic difficulties in the workplace, disclosure of difficulties, and the application of the Disability Discrimination Act.

With contributions from leading experts on workplace consultancy, this definitive guide will be of interest to dyslexia professionals, managers, legal professionals, trades unions, work coaches, mentors and careers advisors – as well as to dyslexic employees and job-seekers.

Endorsement from Jenny Lee, National Adult Dyslexia Coordinator, Dyslexia Action:

This is a comprehensive, invaluable and extremely readable book giving in-depth information and guidance on a wide range of issues affecting professionals who work with dyslexic employees. For me, it is a rare find; the authors do not shy away from the most controversial issues, indeed they confront them head-on, revealing their (and our) dilemmas. They share their internal debates and in doing so both reassure us and give practical advice born out of real experience. This excellent book is a must for workplace consultants and indeed anyone working with dyslexic people. I strongly recommend it.

Dyslexia in the Workplace: an Introductory Guide

Diana Bartlett and Sylvia Moody, with Katherine Kindersley. Wiley-Blackwell.

Second edition.

Jargon-free guide for dyslexic workers, employers, and dyslexia professionals.

Dyslexia: How to Survive and Succeed at Work

Sylvia Moody. Random House.
Practical self-help manual for dyslexic workers, and guidance for employers.

Adult Dyslexia: A Guide for the Workplace

G. Fitzgibbon, B. O’Connor. Wiley-Blackwell.
For occupational psychologists, employers and dyslexia professionals.

The Adult Dyslexic: Interventions and Outcomes

D. McLoughlin, C. Leather, P. Stringer. Wiley-Blackwell.
For occupational psychologists, and dyslexia professionals and dyslexic adults.

Dyslexia in Adults: Education and Employment

Gavin Reid, Jane Kirk. Wiley-Blackwell.
For dyslexia professionals.


Dyslexia: Surviving and Succeeding at College

Sylvia Moody. Routledge.

Practical self-help manual for students. Advice for subject tutors.


Dyslexia: a Teenager’s Guide

Sylvia Moody. Random House.
Practical self-help manual for teenagers.


Living with dyspraxia

Mary Colley. Jessica Kingsley
General information and self-help guide.