Dr Sylvia Moody Archive

We were greatly saddened by the death of Dr Sylvia Moody in February 2017.  As a practitioner clinical psychologist, Sylvia was passionate about increasing awareness of dyslexia, particularly for adults.  Her many articles and books have provided wonderful and accessible guidance for individuals with dyslexia and specific learning difficulties in education and the workplace. Her death is a loss for all of us who knew her and for everyone in the dyslexia community who benefited from her great knowledge, insight and expertise.

Sylvia acted as Consultant to Dyslexia Assessment & Consultancy over many years and she became a good friend.  We miss you Sylvia.

 Over two decades or so, the Dyslexia Assessment & Consultancy website hosted many of her articles.  Some now are out of date but the ones retained here on the new website still contain relevant and useful information and guidance for us today.

Aspects of Adult Dyslexia

Short-term memory
Sequencing and structure
Perception and movement


Dyspraxia in Adults


Dyslexia Assessment – an Employer’s Guide

Dyslexic difficulties in the workplace

Communications Skills

Dyslexia – speaking and listening

Dyslexia – job interviews


Dyslexia – an Emotional Account

Dyslexia – a Psychotherpist’s Guide

Higher Education

Student’s Guide to Dyslexia


Dyslexia – a Teenager’s Guide