Video Interviews

Interviews with dyslexic employees

Five employees in very different jobs and workplace environments talk about why they came forward for an assessment and the difference it made to their work performance.

They answer the following questions.

1. What sort of work do you do?
2. What made you seek an assessment?

3. When you knew the outcome of the assessment, how did you feel about it?

4. Do you think that the assessment has taken you forwards?

5. What sort of adjustments were made at work?

6. What has been the most valuable part of this process?

Interviews with dyslexic students

Five students on very different courses talk about the experience of having an assessment.

They answer the following questions.

1. Was there a particular reason for you coming forward for the assessment?

2. What was the assessment like?

3. Were you given a particular label at the time?

4. Did you tell your family the outcome?

5. How does it feel now?

6. Has your perception of yourself changed?

BBC Documentary film on Dyslexia

I was honoured to be asked to assess Kara Tointon for dyslexia as part of the BBC3 film documentary. The programme gave – and still does give- a wonderful insight into dyslexia, illuminated by Kara’s honesty and openness about her difficulties. It has since been shown many times on BBC1.

You can still catch it on YouTube below.