Tailored Support

Dyslexia Assessment & Consultancy has qualified, experienced and effective job skills coaches supporting employees in the workplace and study skills tutors supporting students at college and university.  Individual guidance can make all the difference to those with dyslexia and dyspraxia: finding the right strategies and enhancing confidence will enable them to work to their potential.

Individual Skills Coaching for Employees

We offer a comprehensive training programme tailored to the needs of an individual person and his/her job

Assistive Software and IT Training

We have specialist Assistive Technology / IT Trainers who are experienced in working with adults

Preparing Students for the Workplace

We offer support and training for students who are leaving the world of education for the workplace

Study Skills Tuition

We provide specialist study skills tuition for students. Our individual programmes cover a wide range

Individual Advisory Sessions

If you feel unsure what you should do, or how you should go about getting any support, do ask us. 

“Your Trainer has taught me to embrace my strengths and to use technology and strategies to support my weaknesses.  I said to her that she turned an ordinary girl into a super model!  Her training has been invaluable.”     

Employee KR