Individual Advisory Sessions

If you feel unsure what you should do, or how you should go about getting any support, do ask us. There are potentially lots of areas where you have questions, or are feeling unsure, and it would be helpful to have a discussion and gain some answers.

Some areas where there are often questions.

  • You may be unsure whether you have dyslexia / an SpLD at all.
  • You might think you have, but you are not sure how having an assessment would help you.
  • You know that you have dyslexia or dyspraxia or other SpLD, but, for various reasons, you are feeling reluctant to disclose that to your employer.
  • You have told your employer that you have dyslexia / SpLD, but your Line Manager is unsure what to do next.
  • You have some problems at work because of your dyslexia / SpLD and need to talk to someone about them.

Just get in contact. You can book a session with one of the experts in the team who will listen and guide you.

Use the ‘contact us’ button below.

“Your Trainer has taught me to embrace my strengths and to use technology and strategies to support my weaknesses.  I said to her that she turned an ordinary girl into a super model!  Her training has been invaluable.”     

Employee KR