Individual Skills Coaching for Employees

We offer
a comprehensive training programme tailored to the needs of an individual
person and his/her job. A training programme could cover, e.g., reading and
writing work documents, accuracy in number work, memory and organisational
skills, communication skills, and emotional issues, revision and examination

The support is
tailor-made for the individual employee in the context of the job description
and the workplace priorities.

A comprehensive
training programme could cover any or all of the following:

  • organisational skills
  • memory strategies
  • working under pressure & time management
  • planning work schedules
  • literacy skills (basic or high-level, as required)
  • note-taking techniques
  • speaking and listening skills
  • presentation skills
  • accuracy in number work / data entry
  • managing attention and focus in a variety of situations
  • dealing with distressing emotions
  • interacting positively with managers / colleagues
  • confidence building


  • preparing for professional examinations

These areas cannot be
dealt with all at once. The skilled trainer will know how to separate out the
various strands and to make appropriate decisions about where to begin and how
to tailor the programme to a particular individual in a particular job. He/she
will base the training on real work tasks and real job requirements, weaving in
and out of the different areas of need and building up skills in a structured
and complementary way. He/she will progress from the more basic skills training
to the higher-level skill areas at the appropriate time, and will ensure that
new skills are consolidated through regular reviews and reminders. The ultimate
purpose of the training is to enable dyslexic employees to work independently,
using the skills and strategies they have learned in a confident and flexible
manner in both their current and any future work situation.

Those who attend
specialist training sessions find them very valuable and commonly speak of how
they have enhanced their skills and performance.

“Can’t believe it. A 1st! Beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you so much.”

Student AC