Preparing Students for the Workplace

We offer support and training for students who are leaving the world of education for the workplace. The contrasts between the world of education and the world of employment are sharp and the workplace environment can be a challenging one for new entrants with dyslexia and related conditions.

Dyslexic /neurodiverse students are likely to benefit particularly from good preparation to meet the challenges of the workplace. We can help students gain an understanding of what employers are looking for in the recruitment process, gain a self-awareness of the skills they do have and how they can be transferred to a workplace environment. As a result they will learn how to demonstrate their achievements and strengths to potential employers more confidently.

In education, the student with dyslexia may well have been supported with a range of reasonable adjustments and by tutors who understand dyslexia. The workplace environment is often very different, being fast-paced, less forgiving, with short timescales and tight deadlines.

Workplaces commonly demand strong and efficient skills in the following areas:

  • written and oral communication
  • memory
  • organisation, of time, activity, materials, of ideas and information
  • self-management
  • multi-tasking
  • team working

Workplaces also expect people to have the following key competencies:

  • ability to work as part of a team
  • problem solving skills
  • ability to show initiative and enterprise
  • ability to learn new skills
  • ability to use IT as a work tool

We offer tuition to help students prepare for such an environment and the programme will be developed to meet the needs of the individual student.

The programme can also include the following:

  • the difficult issue of whether or not to disclose dyslexia or disability
  • preparing CV’s
  • application forms and covering letters
  • reasonable adjustments at the recruitment stage
  • how to handle applications and interviews
  • preparing for Interviews
  • preparing for different types of assessment

We can help students make a successful transition when moving from student life to employment.

Careers Advice

Students with dyslexia may need more explicit guidance and support to find the right match between their areas of strength and the particular organisation and job.

“I am writing to thank you for the support and help you give me over the past year, with the training on the Dragon Dictate system, and Texthelp Gold. I would like to say what a wonderful asset David Edwards is to your company.  Without his support and encouragement I would never have been able to use this system, or even put together this email.  His knowledge and skill in the Dragon system is overwhelming.  And I know although the training has now finished if I get stuck with anything he will always reply to my email. I would also like to thank Christina (the job coach) who has made me more confident, and more positive in my working practices. So once again thank you so much please would you pass on my praise to David and Christina. ”

SB Employee