Study Skills Tuition

We provide specialist study skills tuition for students. Our individual programmes cover:

  • advanced spelling rules and word structure
  • visual tracking
  • phonological sequencing skills
  • reading quickly with comprehension and recall
  • skimming and scanning text
  • researching, planning and structuring written assignments
  • proof-reading skills
  • memory strategies
  • taking notes from books and in lectures
  • oral presentation skills / speaking with confidence
  • organising study and revision schedules
  • focussing on the requirements of essay and examination questions
  • examination techniques
  • ways of focusing attention and reducing stress

The Disabled Student’s Allowance (DSA)

The DSA comprises three separate funds, which can be used to pay for specialist personal assistance (such as support tutorials, IT training), purchase of specialist equipment and software or consumables. 

The DSA also funds the ‘Needs Assessment’ where specific requirements would be discussed.  The student should contact Student Finance England for an application form.  Further details about the DSA are available in a DfES leaflet ‘Bridging the Gap’.  This can be downloaded from the DfES website on: demonstrates easy to follow YouTube video clips on how to apply for DSA.

DAC NMH Rates for Students in Higher Education Supported by DSA Funding

In line with the NMH Quality Assurance Framework, we publish our Complaints Policy and Complaints Procedure.

DAC Complaints Policy

DAC Complaints-Procedure

“Your calm and patient approach to honing my thinking skills was invaluable and the way you were able to tackle any problems I brought to you was truly inspiring.  Your enthusiasm and passion for everything are remarkable.”

Student AW