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Dyslexia Assessment & Consultancy
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Training days

Overview of CPD Training Opportunities – SASC Accredited courses

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 We specialise in tailor-made training days for your in-house teams

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Full day and half day courses on all aspects of Diagnostic Assessment, including the range of SpLDs, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, the overlaps and what distinguishes them, understanding tests, scores, statistics and how to write quality reports.  Also courses for study skill tutors, learning support teams and SpLD awareness training for staff.

Examples are as follows:


ADHD  - The SASC Guidelines: Assessment & Support

A full day for SpLD assessors & support tutors to explore the complexity of the ADHD condition.  How it might be identified managed and supported within the educational and workplace environment.  Diagnostic screening tools.  Overlaps with other SpLD conditions and mental health conditions.  The pathway forward.  Focus: 16+ age group.

Writing Quality Diagnostic Assessment Reports

A practical day focusing on the writing and presenting of a high quality diagnostic report. Detailed guidance given.

Diagnostic Assessment & Overlapping Conditions: Best Practice

A training day for specialist teachers and psychologists assessing those in  post 16 education and employment.  The course offers an opportunity to explore key aspects of adult assessment, including overlapping SpLDs & tricky profiles; interpreting different patterns of scores; recommended tests.  Report samples provided.

Dyslexia and SpLDs in the Workplace

Extend your practice to the workplace.  Gain understanding about how to assess and support individuals with SpLDs at work and advise employers on good practice and reasonable adjustments.  Explore the legal framework, disclosure, the range of interventions, IT support and funding through Access to Work.  Case studies presented.

Half day workshops

Examples are as follows:

Psychometric Testing & Statistics – Clarify your understanding! With Reference to: WRIT & CTOPP2, TOWRE2, TOMAL2

Writing  Accurate Diagnostic Conclusions & Matching  Recommendations   

Extend Your Practice: Dyspraxia Assessing, Reporting & Strategies for 16+


Further information and application forms for all courses from:

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